About Dematech

About Dematech

Dematech started from the vision that the best price-to-quality ratio can only be offered by combining production facilities and know-how. To realise this, Dematech has entered into a cooperation with a large variety of production companies. Because of this, various disciplines can merge, allowing us to fulfil your “one-stop-shop” needs. Our partners are located both in the Netherlands and in other European countries. In addition, it is possible to obtain larger series from countries outside Europe.

A personal talk is always the starting point in our services. Making an inventory of your requirements and wishes, and exploring the options together are the basis of a successful cooperation.


Can one of your existing products be improved, or do you have a new product in mind? With our facilities, your needs are easily converted into production. And if improvements or changes are required during production, the short communication lines ensure that these changes can be implemented very quickly.

We put the quality of your products first. Whether it concerns machine parts, sub-assemblies, construction work or sheet metal work, we can always supply measuring reports and material certificates. In this way, Dematech always supplies you the right product, with the quality you desire.

Because of all the above-mentioned competencies, Dematech can offer you a detailed quotation, at an excellent price. Lead times can always be discussed. Because we also have production capacity in the Netherlands, very short lead times are possible.